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Scoliosis is a complicated condition that affects numerous people worldwide. About ten percent of the entire population has some form of spinal misalignment/abnormality. Despite enough evidence pointing to ACEs causing a host of chronic illnesses, scoliosis, in most cases is still deemed as idiopathic. The medical community has no idea what actually causes scoliosis nor why do more girls than boys develop this condition. ACEs  and Scoliosis The questions which doctors continue to grapple. Is scoliosis genetic? Hereditary? Caused by environmental factors? When will someone bother to actually research and connect this painful, deforming and life-shortening affliction to ACEs or rather Adverse Childhood Relationships (ACRs) and Epigenetics? Will some of those highly credentialed experts do a little digging into the patient’s history and find out about their Adverse Pre-Onset Experiences (APOEs). I know my pre-onset experiences were trauma loaded. At 11, I had to deal with the death of my mother, physical and emotional violence of my father, sexual abuse, being parentified, I was 17 years when the doctor gave the horrifying diagnosis that I had ‘idiopathic scoliosis’. It meant that my spine was twisted, I was a hunchback. That the only cure was surgery with the possibility of being disabled by it, that was not really a choice. And so began my research into idiopathic scoliosis and search for a cure. Healing Scoliosis My healing has taken a long time, namely because I did not have the support system to nurture my wounded mind and body. Since the last 3 years, I have taken off from work and have lived in a near-total stress-free life. Actually, the last one year I have been living in a cocoon of support which has been highly beneficial to my mind. When the mind is healed and free of fear, shame and unnecessary burden, one feels mentally strong and thus the spine realigns to our new changed mental reality. Yes, healing scoliosis starts with the mind.


Colva, Salcete, 33


Rookie of the Year Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Best Kept Secret

Cheryl writes about healing the effects of childhood trauma, how addressing the effects of developmental trauma, complex PTSD and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) helped her heal scoliosis. As a former family physician and blogger on trauma, I recommend her insightful, practical, inspiring, well referenced writing as an important new voice  — Veronique

I am trying to bring to light how ACEs cause scoliosis. I hope we stop using the term 'idiopathic scoliosis' instead it should be ACEs Scoliosis  — Cheryl

Blogging about the role of attachment wounding / developmental trauma from a personal and research-based perspective; discussing how it & adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are risk factors for scoliosis and other health problems; describes her journey of recovery from scoliosis as well as how such healing supports improvement in other areas;  — Veronique


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