Donnie and Micki Hogan #therealhogans

Patient Leader

Advocating has become a passion of me and my husband, Donnie Hogan, after we witnessed first hand the hurtful discrimination that medical patients receive everyday. From lack of empathy to blatant patient abuse and medical neglect We have witnessed fake service dogs put legit service animals at risk. This kind of behavior must stop. We have witnessed hate crimes committed against those hurting, Singled out simply because they have a disease or injury that creates a need for intractable pain treatment. We work hard to help educate the public, the media, and businesses how to ethically treat our fellow patients & friends. We must find empathy and compassion We must #unite. #reachout


deming, CO


Best in Show: Twitter Best in Show: Community Best Team Performance Advocating for Another

This woman literally keeps me alive. When she sees others online that needs help she is the first one to comment and tries to make them the good about themselves. If anybody deserves this award, she does. Its about time for her to feel good about herself. She has made so many others when they are in the dark. She even helped me find the light.  — Donnie

 Donnie and Micki Hogan #therealhogans

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