Renee from Purple Adventures

Patient Leader

Renee is a young woman who has grown up and spent half of her life with chronic illnesses and disabilities. While she grew up in shame which lead to her hiding her conditions as best as she could she never hid her passions. Those passions included writing of multiple styles, music, art and sports. Now she leads a life that she works to have as little shame as possible included in while adding activism, advocacy and fundraising to her list of passions she very publicly works hard at. Her goal is to use her skills and passions to break boundaries and stigma while educating and connecting with those who need it on as many platforms as she can.


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Best in Show: Blog

I do not think that 350 characters is even enough for me to say why I’ve nominated Renee. She is truly inspiring for all the work she does to raise awareness for epilepsy. From sharing useful facts, to creating this blog to help raise awareness to epilepsy, so other people don’t feel alone with it, but also so people have a reliable source of info

Renee runs one of the best down to earth blogs that raises awareness and advocacy of her personal struggles with her illness.  — Ashleigh

Renee from Purple Adventures

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