Renee from Purple Adventures

Patient Leader

Thanks for clicking on my profile! I’m Renee; I’m 19 & live in regional Queensland. At first glance you can’t tell I have epilepsy or a functional neurological disorder let alone what that means for my day to day life. After years of hiding & silently suffering I set out on a mission with an annual awareness campaign & my blog. Purple Adventures gives insight into experiences as someone living with various invisible chronic medical conditions. I hope my stories reach people who; need to know they’re not alone, want to know more about what loved ones might be going through or need to be shown stigma & misconceptions they know of may not be true. All I do is to educate & connect.


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Best in Show: Blog

I do not think that 350 characters is even enough for me to say why I’ve nominated Renee. She is truly inspiring for all the work she does to raise awareness for epilepsy. From sharing useful facts, to creating this blog to help raise awareness to epilepsy, so other people don’t feel alone with it, but also so people have a reliable source of info

Renee from Purple Adventures

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