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Aiken, SC


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Best In Show: Instagram Best in Show: Instagram

Shelby is the epitome of empowerment.... Her undying commitment and ability to pick us up, dust us of and let us know we're ok touches the hearts of many in the PCOS Community... Shelby humanizes a syndrome thst often leaves stigmas with charm, chutzpah and love... Our community is lucky to have her rooting for us!!!!  — PCOSGurl

Shelby is consistently posting on Instagram trying to educate others. She is a strong women who wants to help others!  — Keri

Shelby is that rare person whom is able to bring knowledge. strength and compassion together to inspire all whoms lives shes touches.. It is her selfless dedication to others health and well-being that truly make her a person you love to follow and make your friend.. This fierce and fabulously lady is the epitome of love and hope for all in need!  — Ashley

Shelby is one of the best people in the PCOS community. She keeps everything real, she is t selling anything, she is truly just out to help people with PCOS. She’s a true inspiration!  — Jenifer


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