Rick Davis

Patient Leader

Since my own T3 prostate cancer diagnosis in 2007, I am committed to helping others forge an easier path. First I found no exercise support for people living with cancer and created www.medafit.org. I also saw men placed on hormone therapy received little to no support and set about slowly changing that situation. Working with UCSF, and support groups we have made significant headway. In 2010 I noticed a total lack of live audio-visual virtual support groups. We piloted prostate cancer groups & in 2016 formed Answer Cancer Foundation. Today www.ancan.org runs 19+ monthly groups soon to host non-cancer groups. We are the online leader providing peer-to-peer live virtual support groups.


Tumacacori, AZ


Rookie of the Year Patient Leader Hero


Best in Show: Community

Rick Davis is a prostate cancer survivor who saw a need for online prostate cancer virtual support. He has dedicated his life to helping others with prostate cancer and often advocating for them. His online support group(s) are unique because they allow 'face to face' discussions with others in varying stages of this dreadful disease.  — John-Pierre

Rick Davis

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