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Rick Davis has a long and diverse career in business and social entrepreneurship. A graduate of Chicago Booth, where he studied under 4 Nobel Prize Winners, Davis started his career in real estate finance and transitioned into becoming a real estate professional. Dissatisfied with the ethos of that business afer some 20 years, Rick explored and entered the non-profit sector. He soon pulled on his entrepreneurial skills to create social profit in various projects - Davis was a social entrepreneur long before that term was in regular use. After working in the fields of international relief and social advocacy, Rick Davis entered the medical world with his own diagnosis of locally advanced prostate cancer in 2007. Since then he has become a nationally recoginized patient advocate, and not just for prostate cancer. Rick's vision back in 2010 was to create a network of live, interactive virtual support groups for every serious and chronic condition; these groups would bring the experience of physical support groups within the reach of everyone, especially those living with geographical, physical or social disabilities. The concept was proven with prostate cancer, and in 2016 he formed a 501c3, Answer Cancer Foundation d/b/a AnCan. AnCan now holds 20 groups monthly for a variety of conditions, not just cancers. It provides support, advocacy and personal navigation, has changed the lives of many, and is growing monthly. Rick has worked with hundreds of patients as well as several innovatory pharmas. For Janssen, Bayer, Pfizer, Foundation Medicine, Myovant and more, Davis has been a catalyst to establish channels for patient input. He has also spoken at a number of conferences. Davis is a WEGO Health Awards nominee; you can read a recent short interview from Foundation Medicine's online employee magazine at https://ancan.org/rd-front-pages-foundation-medicines-the-hub/ For more on RD and AnCan visit https://ancan.org &/or https://ancan.org/press/


Tumacacori, AZ

Past Awards Participation

2018 WEGO Health Awards


Rookie of the Year Patient Leader Hero


Best in Show: Community
Rick Davis

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