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Hi, I'm Kristin and I go by mini2z (two-zee) online. I'm new to advocacy but I'm advocating for Lupus, Diabetes, Migraines, Chronic Pain, and Mental Health. I've been battling these and more since 1991 when I got my first migraine & 1994 when I developed Hashimoto's my first autoimmune disease. I've been battling Diabetes T1.5 since 2012 and the Lupus started around the same time. I've lost a lot because of my illness including my coveted career. I've started a facebook group for Lupus support in the Windsor-Essex area with the intent to get a true support group in our area. I couldn't do anything without my family and my pupalups and more so my online friends.


Windsor, 08


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Kristin  "mini2z"
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