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Mike Durbin was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure in December 2008 at age 24. He was also misdiagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at that time and lived with that diagnosis for several years until a new endocrinologist correctly diagnosed him with a form of Type 1 Diabetes called LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults) in 2016. Mike began his blog, My Diabetic Heart, in 2009 at first to document and process what he was going through, and later continued to write in hopes that it would help someone else going through the same thing to not feel so alone. Mike is not one to sugarcoat his health conditions, and his openness and straightforward honesty help many relate to him. Mike has been a steadying presence in the Diabetes Online Community for several years and believes that people with all types of diabetes deserve support. In November 2016, Mike launched the #MakeDiabetesVisible challenge, which is an awareness initiative focused on showing the realities of life with all types of diabetes through visuals. Mike lives by the mantra "A Little Heart Can Do Big Things," and he strives to impart that message of hope to everyone. In fact, Mike's mantra was used as the theme for the 2019 HealtheVoices Conference in Dallas, TX, where he also served as a member of the Advisory Panel. Mike is passionate about advocacy and has been a member of Diabetes Advocates and the Diabetic Community Advocacy Foundation (DCAF), as well as a contributor to the blog, The Type 2 Experience. His story has been featured in USA Today and Diabetic Living Magazine, among other outlets. Mike was recognized by WEGO health in December 2014 for his work in the Type 2 diabetes community and was a Finalist in the "Best Kept Secret" category of the 2018 WEGO Health Awards. To learn more about Mike and his work, visit mydiabetecheart.com or follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the "Connect" links below.


Fort Wayne, IN


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Best Kept Secret

Mike Durbin is a quiet man with a big heart. Diagnosed with congestive heart failure and diabetes, he has been a strong advocate. He has a gentle way of bringing people together. Originally misdiagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and later correctly diagnosed with LADA (a slow progressing Type 1 in adults), became an accidental advocate between the types

Mike is a quiet, gentle soul who wants to bring people together. After he was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, he was also misdiagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Not too long ago, he was given the correct diagnosis: LADA, a slow-progressing Type 1 in adults. He doesn't sugar coat his condition which helps many to relate.  — Sue

Last fall, I found out I needed hip surgery ASAP to avoid hip replacement down the road. I was recovering from another surgery & said no to the hip operation at that time. Mike checked in on me often & also sent many practical items via Amazon to help & comfort me. He is an incredible friend & advocate who doesn't get near enough recognition!  — Kenzie

I met Mike two years ago at a conference. He opened conversations that I had never had before. Mike shares so much of himself. He is always encouraging his friends to become more involved in managing their health. Mike is fearless in his advocacy for both diabetics and heart failure. I am in much better health due to Mike's advocacy.  — Audra

Mike has shared his journey with diabetes through his blog, My Diabetic Heart, for more than 10 years now. He's shared the experience of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and congestive heart failure, discovering he was misdiagnosed, his history with mental health issues, gastroparesis, and more. His unfiltered honesty is refreshing.  — Mike

Mike Durbin

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