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Best in Show: Youtube

Mickey is the strongest person I have ever seen. When I was diagnosed with chronic illness, my life seemed to fall apart. I followed Mickey on Instagram, and she has been so inspirational. Her battle with EDS and all the things that come along with it make her a true hero. She is strong, positive, but also very, very real about her struggles.

Mickey is a hero because she not only fights an unbelievably difficult battle, but because she takes other chronic illness sufferers along with her. She is positive and strong, while also being very, very real. She helps spread awareness of rare diseases, provides encouragement, and shares her own journey.  — Jessi

I have recently been diagnosed with gastroparesis and it has been a really scary time. Michelle's Instagram account has been so inspiring to follow. I feel much more hope for the future and believe she truly deserves this award. She always raises awareness and it makes my day to watch her stories and read her posts.  — Katie

Always there for people no matter what. Always tried her best to get through everyday no matter what challenges she faces and hurdles she had to overcome  — Kylie

Michelle is an amazing person and I also look up to her every single day.

Mickey is an amazing person and I also look up to her every single day.  — Kristi

Mickey has had such a huge positive impact on my life through her YouTube channel. She offers an honest, unfiltered glimpse into the life of a teenager living with chronic illness. Her strength, courage, and positive outlook on life provides hope for people dealing with challenges of any kind. She is a true inspiration and I admire her so much!  — Kayla

She has gone through so much but still continues to push threw and keep moving forward. She has amazed me tremendously and her strength will always be way greater than mine. She has given me a new perspective on life.

Shows a numerous amount of examples of what someone with EDS goes through. Never afraid to answer questions  — kylie


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