Crps_queen ~ Emily

Patient Leader


Queensland, 04


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Community Best in Show: Instagram

I am nominating myself because I believe I have helped create a community. I love to write/post positive, inspirationaland informative posts about things like crps, chronic illnesses etc to help create awareness, and to let others know that they are not alone.  — Emily

Emily is truly instagram’s Best in Show hands down. She is an inspiring & courageous young woman who many people look up to. Emily encourages others, motivates the community, inspires those who want to give up and reveals her life to those she doesn’t know yet those who she knows that cares. She deserves this award as she shares her pure story  — Stella

Emily is a queen at making her pictures and words make others feel and think about important topics. She's also a great leader at making others feel included and welcome in the community no matter how many followers they have! A great and honest person that everyone should have in their feed!  — Renee

Emily is always helping people in the community and she’s constantly making edits for people in the community. However a couple months ago she started a group chat of what has grown to 20 of us girls and it is the most amazing, safe, loving group ever. And we owe our family all to her.  — Jennaca

Crps_queen ~ Emily

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