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My name is Emily, and I’m a 14 year old chronic illness fighter & advocate! I suffer from CRPS, POTS, osteoporosis, GERD/GORD, Restless leg syndrome and HSD, but CRPS is my main condition and has caused 95% of my other conditions. I use mobility aids when I’m in a CRPS flare, and I have done 2 rehabilitation programs (I’m starting another in 3 weeks) to try and help my pain, and manage my symptoms. I joined the Instagram chronic illness community on instagram a little over a year ago, as I wanted to advocate for chronic illnesses, and to connect with people going through the same thing. I’m trying to educate people, and to make a difference in someone’s life!


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I am nominating myself because I believe I have helped create a community. I love to write/post positive, inspirationaland informative posts about things like crps, chronic illnesses etc to help create awareness, and to let others know that they are not alone.  — Emily

Crps_queen ~ Emily

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