Brady Dale Morris

Patient Leader

I was diagnosed with AIDS in July of 2009, I tried committing suicide 3 times due to the overwhelming loneliness, shame, and depression I felt. After coming to accept I was HIV+ in 2013, I made the decision to go public about my status with a desire to help others who were newly diagnosed with HIV from ever feeling as alone as I did. I hope my advocacy work has helped others see that not only can one live through such a life changing diagnosis, but that one can also thrive and succeed because our dreams aren’t infected. I’m currently working on disseminating the UequalsU message to others living with HIV and working to modernize the HIV criminalization laws in my state.


Nashville, TN


Patient Leader Hero

Brady has always been an inspiration to the community with his HIV Advocacy work and positive, upbeat, and friendly attitude. He strives each day to make a difference. His work and inspiration is what made the difference for me the day I was diagnosed, and a week later when my husband was diagnosed also.  — Brian

Brady Dale Morris

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