A Ballsy Sense of Tumor - Justin Birckbichler

Patient Leader

At age 25, Justin Birckbichler was diagnosed with Stage II testicular cancer. Now in remission, he committed to getting the ball rolling on raising awareness of men’s health and testicular cancer. Though he no longer has the pair he was born with, his new favorite pairing is humor and education. He was recognized as one of 15 People Who Raised Cancer Awareness in 2017, awarded Best Advocacy/Awareness Cancer Blog in 2017, selected as the Hilarious Patient Leader in the 2018 WEGO Health Awards, and recognized as one of “40 Under 40 in Cancer” in 2019. Justin shares how we can stop dropping the ball on men’s health and how to use humor in awareness, even if it makes you sound like a nut.


Fredericksburg, VA


Hilarious Patient Leader Best in Show: Instagram Best Kept Secret

No one else can make as many ball puns as Justin.  — Emily

Making people laugh about a serious topic such as cancer isn't easy. Justin blends the two perfectly and has a universal touch to many of his posts across all social media, making them retable and engaging. Since learning about his story, I have made sure to tell the men in my life to take action towards their health and do self-exams!  — Effie

Justin Birkbichler has balanced the seriousness of testicular cancer with humor and education in a meaningful yet disarming manner. He continues to educate and advocate for men's cancer and men's health in his brilliant blog and on social media, and he personally reaches out to answer questions, educate, and offer support.  — Tim

Justin always puts a humorous spin on a heavy topic, while making awareness of men’s health front and center.  — Jen

Past Awards Participation

2018 WEGO Health Awards


Best in Show: Instagram


Hilarious Patient Leader
A Ballsy Sense of Tumor - Justin Birckbichler

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