Jen Campisano

Patient Leader

I write to share my story of being (mis)diagnosed with terminal cancer, facing my mortality with a toddler in tow, the sometimes messy reality of recovery, and life with a baby and an autoimmune disease after cancer. I think our stories have the power to connect us, and make our experiences a little less lonely / terrifying. I also believe our voices have the power to enact positive change in our healthcare system because no one understands what’s lacking better than the patients who are trying to navigate through these murky waters.


Phoenix, AZ


Best in Show: Blog Patient Leader Hero

Jen isn't "just" a patient leader hero. She is THE HERO of all time! The energy Jen gives off is welcoming, wise, & w/ those things brings a level of comfort. You don't have to chat w/ her long before realizing she is INCREDIBLE. From a *terminal* cancer DX to navigating parenthood & autoimmune disease, Jen is here. Sharing. Loving. LIVING. <3  — Kenzie

Jen Campisano

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