Jen Campisano

Patient Leader

I'm Jen and I was diagnosed with what my doctors thought was metastatic breast cancer when I was 32 years old. After nearly 5 years of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and more chemo, my diagnosis changed to cancer (in remission) AND an autoimmune disease that is currently dormant. I have a particular passion for advocating for those with metastatic breast cancer and women diagnosed young like I was.


Phoenix, AZ


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Blog

Jen isn't "just" a patient leader hero. She is THE HERO of all time! The energy Jen gives off is welcoming, wise, & w/ those things brings a level of comfort. You don't have to chat w/ her long before realizing she is INCREDIBLE. From a *terminal* cancer DX to navigating parenthood & autoimmune disease, Jen is here. Sharing. Loving. LIVING. <3  — Kenzie

Jen is a fearless leader in the patient advocacy arena. Her passion for advocacy, professional and personal experience, inspires all who know her and makes her an incredible value to the cancer community.  — Jamie

Jen Campisano

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