It’s Only A Bruise - Cat Stappas

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West Allis, WI


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She’s awesome and writes from the heart.

Cat Stappas is living with MS & making people aware of this disease from a personal standpoint. She provides knowledge that would not otherwise be available to the readers of her blog. She is living with this disease; but she is not letting the disease stop her from living. She & her husband, Rusty, walk & bike for a cure.

Cat Stappas provides information on MS that raises our awareness of this disease. She is on various social media sites; and each one provides an avenue to learn more about her personal journey with this autoimmune disease. Cat and her husband, Rusty, also raise money through MS Walk and Bike MS to fund research for a cure. They are warriors!  — Sally

It’s Only A Bruise - Cat Stappas

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