Diane Talbert

Patient Leader

I am a blogger, patient advocate and speaker for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. I have spoken in front of the FDA about living with my disease. I go to Capitol Hill yearly to lobby. A caregiver to my father for over 30 years who has battle cancer twice in his life. I have had diabetes for 20 years. I was diagnose with fibromyalgia in 2018 and endometriosis in 1995. My biggest battle has been with my severe psoriasis since the age of 5. (1968) I was covered over 80% of my body for the first 40 years of my life. I loved being a wife, mother and grandmother. I like to read and travel. My goal is to stop the stigma associated with these diseases and never give up the fight. Stay Positive!!




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Diane Talbert has been living with Psoriasis ever since she was 8 years old.She has went through many rough days living with this autommiune disease.She started blogging about her journey and she has enpowered people all over the world.She lives to help another.She has spoken at Capitol Hill and around the world.She raises awareness to all she meet  — Dr. Sylvia

Diane Talbert is a Master in the field of Psorasis lived over 50 years learning everything about this disease. She really compassionate about the world of Psorasis.  — Sylvia

Diane Talbert

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