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Medicare Nation gives LIFE to Seniors! Finally, real answers to Medicare questions & tons of resources on demand! I helped mom get on a program I didn't know existed, until I listened to the show.. My mom is now saving $1,300 a yr! Diane is a true advocate, inspiring Seniors everywhere! This show needs to win! Our whole community listens to it!  — Sheila

Diane is not only an advocate for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis but she is a caregiver to her father who has had 2 types of cancer and COPD. She goes over and beyond to make sure her parents who are both 85 years old are well taken care of in every sense. On top of that, she gets phone calls from people in her community daily for advice.  — Diane

Diane Talbert has exceeded excellence in her Advocacy for Psoriasis. She has traveled 47 states bringing aearnesd,educating,consoling those in the Psoriasis community.She shares her powerful story across the globe in Hope's of world change.  — Sylvia

Diane is Community Guru.She really has put over 10,000 hours in community work for Psoriasis, Psoratic Arthritis. Psoriasis Support Network is thriving.She is taking it across the globe.She is a Master in Psorasis Communication.  — Sylvia

Diane Talbert has exemplified excellence in traveling across the United States sharing her powerful story,educating,consoling,Psoriasis patients worldwide.Psoratic Support Network is a powerful organization that is changing lives.  — Sylvia

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2018 WEGO Health Awards


Best in Show: Blog Best Kept Secret Lifetime Achievement Best in Show: Community
Diane Talbert
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