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We, Becky Brandt, RN & Lisa Davis Budzinski, started the CPNC to share comprehensive medical information about Central Pain Syndrome & other intractable pain conditions. As CPS patients, we offer a first-hand perspective on medications, treatments, & resources for living with Central Pain Syndrome. .We find it extremely important to assist & support others going through their own pain journeys. We know how difficult life can be with intractable pain, so we offer comprehensive medical information and decades of collective knowledge. Aside from information about health care, medications, doctors, and treatments, we'll offer a fresh perspective on daily living well with CPS and chronic pain


Eustis, FL


Best Team Performance

Becky and Lisa make an amazing team doing everything that they can to raise awareness for Central Pain Syndrome. From participating in multiple Twitter Chats to advocating on Capitol Hill for Rare Disease Week, these two would do anything to change treatment options & knowledge. With hearts of gold, they are changing the world.  — Kimberly

Becky and Lisa are a positive force in their advocacy for CPS, a rare condition that many are unfamiliar with. They are kind & enthusiastic in providing patient & care-partner education and resources for many chronic pain patients. Their educational/work backgrounds complement each other perfectly, making them a great addition to Twitter chats!  — Gabrielle

Lisa and Becky are two of the most passionate people I have met. They have a combined expertise that is one that doesn't happen often. Wonderful things are happening and the future is bright.  — Kimberly

Lisa & Becky share complimentary skills, making them a compassionate, informed, and fierce team. They provide endless enthusiasm for technology, policy, research, and treatment, while elevating the conversations we have about chronic pain. Lisa & Becky are rays of sunshine in an often painful world. I cannot thank them enough for all they do.  — Gabrielle

Central Pain Nerve Center

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