The Transplant Helper (Jim Murrell)

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As a 2013 Heart Transplant recipient myself I’ve learned first hand how important donor awareness can be. My entire goal in life has become to give back in any way I can. 3 years ago to fulfill that goal I created “The Transplant Helper. This consisted of meeting face to face with pre and post-transplant patients to help “Advocate, Educate and Motivate” them in any way possible. This was the new joy of my life so after the persistence of many including my transplant center UAB hospital I decided to take their advice and start a YouTube channel to attempt to share the experiences and knowledge I’ve learned first hand. Over time I’ve amassed over 200 videos to fulfill my goal.


Munford , AL


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Jim, a three year heart transplant survivor gives back to those waiting, recovering from, or taking care of those transplanted. Jim is an Alabama Organ Center Ambassador advocating for transplantation and donation. His twice weekly videos educate and inspire. They answer common and difficult questions and concerns in lay terms. Jim rocks!  — Ed

The Transplant Helper (Jim Murrell)

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