Natalie Y. Beavers

Patient Leader

I've survived epilepsy for over 35 years now and all I want to do is support and advocate for the many lives affected with this severe brain disorder. I came up with the idea to start a charity to support the many lives affected by epilepsy when I was hospitalized during my brain surgeries in 2008. Angels Of Epilepsy Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity and advocacy that provide the needs for survivors and their families. We provide gifts and supplies to patients that are hospitalized. As well as assistance with patients that can’t afford their medications and provide transportation for those unable to drive. I've also created "The Seizure Diary" that has now made it to 7 countries.


Smyrna, GA


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Natalie is a wonderful and compassionate leader in the epilepsy community. She takes care of others while she continues to fight the same battle epilepsy patients and their families are facing.  — Emily

This person by the name of Natalie Beavers selflessly gives her time and attention to those affected with epilepsy. She has been there for us since we 1st found our son going thru his 1st episode on December 24, 2015... Her Seizure diary log helps document all seizures accurately.  — Syreeta

I am nominating Miss Natalie beavers for this award I think she is well deserving of this award after all the hard work she has put in for advocating for epilepsy education epilepsy awareness epilepsy support. Her consistent compassion and drive when it comes to epilepsy and knowledge that she gives to the community makes her perfect candidate.

Angels Of Epilepsy Foundation gets much interaction with survivors, families, and other advocates on Twitter. Natalie’s book “The Seizure Diary” has gain great attention majority on Twitter. She also tells her story about living with epilepsy and how the voices of many survivors must be heard and Angels Of Epilepsy Twitter followers have shared!  — Natalie

Natalie Beavers is truly compassionate when it comes to spreading epilepsy awareness support and advocating for those who are in need of resources. She is an epilepsy Survivor fighting for those who are fighting the epilepsy battle daily this is why I nominate her, she has true compassion and hope for one day that there will be a cure for epilepsy

I had the pleasure in mentoring AOE. In just 90-days she launched the AOE Newsletter and hosted a National Purple Day event. Additionally, the entire AOE attending board of directors training, created a fundraising plan for their first $25,000 campaign goal, created their BOD Manual, state/local charitable license. AOE is beyond ready to serve!  — Brandi

Natalie Beavers is a fighter! Not just for herself but for all of the other Epilepsy survivors around the world. She has been a God send in my life since my diagnosis in 2015. As a matter of fact, she's the reason I finally found out that I have Epilepsy.

Natalie Beavers - Angels of Epilepsy actively advocates for patients and survivors both online and in the community. AOE often visits patients who're hospitalized, delivering cheer, gifts and offering support to their loved ones and caregivers. Our community is a better place because of AOE and their charitable contributions.  — Sheron

Natalie is a beautiful, kind and selfless person. As one who lives with epilepsy, she fights for all who are affected by epilepsy. She is as the name says. An angel. She brightens the days of those battling the condition with her gifts of care, love and souvenirs. I am so happy to not only call her a fellow journeyer but a great friend!

I am nominating Natalie because she is a beautiful, kind and selfless angel for epilepsy. Living with epilepsy, she fights for those who are affected by the condition. Offering gifts of love, care and souvenirs to brighten their day. I am so glad to not only call her a fellow journeyer but a great friend!  — Tiffany

Natalie is an integral part of the epilepsy community. She is compassionate and assist people with all of their needs. She is a true leader and continues to touch children, adults, researchers, and other community leaders lives. She initiated epilepsylivesmatter to show others that people with epilepsy are not abnormal and to reduce the stigma!!!  — Demetrius

Natalie has dedicated all of her time and efforts into educating, assisting, and contributing to survivors with Epilepsy and community. She leads by example and has one of the biggest hearts in the entire world. I am proud to call her a partner. Natalie exemplifies the meaning of a humanitarian, philanthropist, and hero. WAY TO GO NAT!  — Porcha

Natalie Y. Beavers

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