Gabriella Brusatto

Patient Leader


Smithfield, UT


Best in Show: Blog Rookie of the Year

To watch this beautiful, strong, and yes sarcastic and funny young woman deal with the challenges of having refractory epilepsy for the past 25 years, be brave enough to share her story and do so in such a creative, candid, and mind you 25 year summary in 3 weeks, to help share, relate to others, has endurance to be a rookie in epilepsy advocacy!  — Angi

My daughter has entered the blog world with passion and purpose! She is sharing her story of living with intractable epilepsy; hoping to connect with others, let others living with the same diagnosis they aren't along, and are tells it with humor, sarcasm, seriousness, and a candid approach! So proud of her courage and willing to bring awareness!  — Angi

Gabriella Brusatto

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