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Happy Day! My name is Davina Conner I became an advocate/activist for HIV almost 4 years ago. I was diagnosed with HIV 21 years ago and knew I needed to be a voice to help others. I decided to start a podcast to discuss various topics regarding HIV, LGBTQ, Transgender, mental health, our youths and many more topics that have to do with HIV. Society has yet to grasp this topic in an open conversation to make others aware of how important it is for condom usage and getting tested so individuals can know their status. I will continue to use my voice and put a face to HIV so others can know this is a virus that someone can live with and live healthily. The stigma must end.


Denver, CO


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Davina is passionate about educating the world in regards to HIV/AIDS. She has dedicated her heart, mind, and life to ending Stigma and empowering others to share their experiences and expertise. She engages her followers and inspires them with motivation and positive words.

Davina has the courage to educate the world through her own experiences. SHE empowers her followers to live the best them and gives them strength.

Pozitively Dee

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