Patient Leader

I was diagnosed in February 2015 with non-small cell lung cancer via a nearly a head-on car accident. I had no risk factors for lung cancer; little did I know then, that all you need are lungs to get lung cancer. My children were 2 1/2 and 6 at the time I was diagnosed, and, since that time, I have joined a small and might group of lung cancer advocates who fight for more awareness, and research funding, and work to combat the pervasive stigma that lung cancer is a "preventable disease" that people bring upon themselves. I may not control whether I live or die from this disease, but I am doing everything possible that I can do to create a world where lung cancer is a chronic disease.


Wilton, NY


Patient Leader Hero

Laura Greco is the energizer bunny of lung cancer patient advocates. Somehow she manages to be everywhere she possibly can be, whether it is in an online support group, at ASCO, or on capitol hill to improve the outcomes for people with lung cancer. She has also been a huge driving force for whole movements as well as major patient driven grants.  — Jenny


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