Rie Lopez, MPH

Patient Leader

Health education professional with a Master of Public Health (MPH) focused in Public Health Education and Promotion from Benedictine University with special interest in minority health and mental health. Experienced technical writer, freelance writer, and speaker skilled in highlighting patient experience stories.


Lowell, MA


Best Kept Secret Best in Show: Twitter Advocating for Another

Rie popped into my twitter feed this year & I was lucky to find an amazing friend & colleague plus a total gem in the 'Professional Patient' advocacy world. Rie is smart, funny, caring and a total wordsmith. Her blog, web presentations & social media bring knowledge, warmth & wit to healthcare, with a sense of honesty patients can relate to.

Luckily, I bumped into Rie on Twitter & I've never been the same! She is quietly making waves by being smart, caring, witty and a total wordsmith. Rie is a true gem in the 'Professional Patient' & advocacy world. Her blog, social media and web presentations share a brilliant point of view, about miserable subjects, with humor & honesty.  — Becky

Rie is always there with a kind word of support. She goes out of her way to show empathy & share helpful information to everyone in the chronic illness community.

There are so many reasons that I could nominate Rie for this award. She is always putting others ahead of herself quite simply put. She will always advocate for someone else before she puts her own needs out there. Always there for others no matter what time of day or what she is doing. Such a worthy candidate for this award!  — Ross

Rie entered into the advocacy scene quietly and quickly became a powerful voice. She always roots for the underdog, cheers on her friends and makes sure her opinions are always supported with evidence. There isn't enough space to say all the wonderful things that she has done for many of us. So glad to call her a friend.  — Kimberly

Rie Lopez, MPH

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