Leah Bahrencu

Patient Leader

The day that should've been the most beautiful days of my life, was my worst nightmare. Hearing the words "we need to have an emergency c-section now" are words that will forever haunt me. A day that was a check-up due to mom-gut concerns turned into me being diagnosed with HELLP syndrome a rare pregnancy complication. Me and one of my twins almost didn't survive, but by the grace of God we did. And through my experience I want to advocate and bring awareness about the complications that can arise during pregnancy and to help women better advocate for themselves when they know something isn't going right. Babies deserve to know their mothers and mothers deserve to raise their babies.


Austin , TX


Advocating for Another

I found out Leah had HELLP syndrome and it nearly killed her during childbirth. Leah has been VERY open about sharing her story in hopes of educating more women about this condition - how to cope or seek help/support if you fall victim. She started a new fitness boot camp business so she can help others through their fitness journey.

Leah Bahrencu

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