Sarah Roberts

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Sarah advocates encompassing all the relevant fields of chronic illness. The best advocater on Instagram be it from the emotional or physical aspects.. SHE TOTALLY COVERS THEM ALL. Everyone has a place, feels accepted & understood. Her information shared from experience really helps us adovcate for ourselves better as well.

She is a voice for many with the trifecta of EDS, POTS, and MCAS. Not only does she normalize and validate our chronic illness experiences, she provides education to those not suffering and hope to those with the conditions.

When I was first hit with Chronic Illness, I was devestated. I had no hope, and was so lost. Sarah’s Instagram page gave me hope, and continues to do so. She’s honest about her struggles, but also positive and strong in her faith. Rare chronic illness can be a lonely path, and Sarah’s instagram is a light in the darkness.

Sarah is 1 of my first best favorite patient advocates on Instagram. Her account is a place of information, experience, understanding. Almost everyone I'm sure finds a suitable place for themselves in relation to her relevant posts. She deals with common misconceptions in the medical field, the effects of chronic illness over all & so much more!!

Sarah cultivates such an amazing, authentic community while raising awareness of POTS.  — Nicole

Sarah's account is filled with pertinent information & guidelines. Through her experiences she highlights & dispells common misconceptions in the medical field. Whether it be the effects of chronic illness in gereral or something else.. you name it, she covers it! Thank you Sarah for making a difference & being 1 of the best patient advocates.  — Khadeeja

She works so hard for us  — Olivia

Sarah Roberts of Strongerthanpots is a phenomenal leader and inspiration in the Instagram community. She rises above her own limitations to reach out and inspire others. In additional to being an inspiration, Sarah's Instagram account is informative & touches the hearts of her over 13,000 (and growing!) followers on a daily basis.

Since I began following Sarah I have learned more about POTS and how to manage the disease than I have in 10 years from my Dr's. She has been so inspiring that I follow her faithfully now. And I am now loaded with questions for my drs and have hope of getting better and getting out of this bed and back to having a life again.  — Denise

Shares her journey and does SO much for others who are going through the same things. She’s helped so many people including myself

It's very quickly apparant that Sarah puts much of what she has into making others feel listened to and helping make a difference where ever she can. I know I'm not the only one that appreciates Sarah's honesty, guidance and warm smile on days where it feels as if no one can understand. Keep up the great work Sarah. It's much appreciated. :)  — Jan

Sarah Roberts

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