Michael Frolichstein

Patient Leader


Evanston, IL


Best in Show: Podcast

The Celiac Project podcast is a wonderful source of information for the celiac disease community. They consistently have interesting topics that cover a wide range of information in the celiac world. The hosts are both living with celiac disease which makes their conversations and experiences totally relatable.  — Erin

This podcast is one of the best out there for the celiac disease community. They cover a wide variety of topics, have interesting guests, and always take a very authentic approach to their podcast.  — Erin

Michael brings listeners the information they need to know. You learn the latest and greatest research information, new products in the market and stories of individuals who have had hard experiences with this disease. It is a sight where listeners can go and feel they are being heard, someone has their back and hope for a cure is on the horizon!

Michael Frolichstein

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