Michele Tschirhart

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Hi, I am Michele Tschirhart and have been fighting chronic myelogenous leukemia since 2011. Since this is a chronic form of blood cancer, I have had many years to advocate for myself and others with CML. I currently reside in Boise, Idaho. Not knowing what my future would hold when I was first diagnosed, I began to research my new disease vowing to learn everything that I could about CML. I began a blog to share my knowledge with friends and family, and to keep them updated on my progress. This blog has become so much more, and for this I am grateful. While CML has slowed me down, it has not stopped me! I continue to live my best life. Spending time with my kids and grandkids is always high on my priority list, as is travelling with my husband. Prior to diagnosis, my husband and I were competitive dancer's, and while competing is no longer an option for me, we still enjoy social dancing. My passion for patient advocacy has grown, and much of my time is spent helping others, living with chronic illnesses and CML. Through advocacy, I have learned to embrace the speed bump that turned my life upside down, I cherish every moment of every day, and am grateful for all of the opportunities that I have received since hearing those devastating words; "I am sorry, but you have Leukemia." Life is not easy, and it is not always "fun", but it is ALWAYS worth it!! You can find me here: FaceBook:[ CML: A Place for Hope and Humor](https://www.facebook.com/groups/1231868863613342/) Instagram:[ https://www.instagram.com/cmlmichele](https://www.instagram.com/cmlmichele) Email: CMLMichele59@gmail.com


Boise, ID


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Michele is an inspiring advocate for cml. As a cml patient I am uplifted by her blogs. She is so strong and after I read her blog I am inspired to keep moving on. She gives me hope that I to will get through this.

Michele is passionate about sharing her journey with CML. She writes from the heart, is informative and strives to help others. She has a passion for people and is always encouraging. Michele has really helped me and I know she has touched others.  — Georgia

Michele Bielik Tschirhart (Michele Bielik Rasmussen) has been a leader in educating CML patients regarding benefits and dangers associated with treatment since February, 2011, and has through her writings helped numerous patients cope with their disease. Her formidable will inspires countless patients and others facing daunting obstacles.  — Larry

Michele writes with wisdom, passion, and humor. She informs and entertains. Her story is amazing and I’m glad she has a platform to share it!!  — Cathy

Michele shares candidly in regards to her "journey" on her Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia rollercoaster. Through her humility, humor and painful honesty a community has emerged; a forum of support and supports. Michele's posts have made me ball my eyes out, laugh out loud and helps to teach me how best to be helpful to someone who is suffering.  — Kathy

Michele is an inspiration to the CML community. I also have CML myself and have been both inspired and uplifted by her humour and approach to CML and life.  — Jackie

Michele is a person who is part of the CML community. She has an uplifting spirit and can brighten people's day with her wit and determination. I too have CML and she has been able to lift my spirits and brighten my day by reading her blogs and words in Facebook.  — Jackie

This amazing woman is such an inspiration. As she fights her battle daily, she continues to educate others to make their struggle a little easier. She is always upbeat and doesn't let this disease get her down. How she continues to stay so positive is beyond me. I admire her strength and courage. I aspire to be half the person Michele is....

Michele  Tschirhart

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