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I'm a Schizophrenic New Yorker who decided to use my creativity and fearless personality to do something different. I started a clothing line with the goal of sparking conversations about mental illness, and now I’m the co-host of a popular podcast. A BIPOLAR, A SCHIZOPHRENIC, AND A PODCAST is a weekly show that explores life through the double lens of a girl living with schizophrenia and a guy living with bipolar. Each episode explores our past and present experiences as shaped by mental illness. My favorite episodes: Two Truths & a Lie: Stories From a Bipolar & a Schizophrenic Were You Ever in a Psych Ward? WE WERE! Celebrities Out About Mental Illness: Helpful or Not?


astoria, NY


Best in Show: Podcast

I usually start my day with a podcast while Im getting ready for the day. It's always, A Bipolar, A Schizophrenic and a Podcast on PsychCentral. Michelle has inspired me to start my own journey down the advocate path. She is very real and embraces her illness and has taught me that it's okay that I am living with my mental illness.  — Stacey

I love this podcast. Michelle and Gabe are REAL. I relate to this podcast so much.  — Stacey

Michelle Hammer - Schizophrenic.NYC

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