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"Stay off the internet" they said. Rarely diagnosed, published statistics about Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) survival have been slow to catch up with treatment advances. Simply put, the numbers--and stories--are grim. I was 34 years old when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 IBC, a mom to three kids under three. Average survival rate of 33 months? Unacceptable. After completing chemotherapy, a radical modified bilateral mastectomy, and twice daily radiation, I started writing. Our blog, Pink Door House, is a Safe Place for women with IBC. Those newly diagnosed, in ongoing targeted therapy (like me), survivors, thrivers. A place that's raw and real, offering a bit of humor and always hope.




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Christin Broisse is giving a hopeful but clear insight into be a young woman living with stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer. Her blog, "Pink Door House" is not sugar coated, raw and real. Her voice is need powerful and she needs to be heard.  — Terry

Christin Boisse writes a raw honest blog about navigating stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer between hugs and kisses of her babies, creating art and loving her husband Jason. She doesn't hold back, the fear is honest, the hope is real. Her voice needs to be heard. I would love to she her be able to have a large platform for her message.  — Terry

Christin Boisse - Pink Door House

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