Angela Alexander 'thecancergeek'

Patient Leader

I am a doctoral trained scientist in cancer biology, now involved in clinical research at MD Anderson Cancer Center. My focus at work is on Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) clinical trials, as well as outreach using social media for the IBC Program. Outside of work, I spend countless hours volunteering with the IBC Network Foundation in research advocacy, and serving as a scientific advisor in several Facebook groups of IBC patients worldwide who are seeking information about IBC standard of care treatments, clinical trial options & how to obtain the best care possible for this rare aggressive disease. I led the development of a free mobile app (iOS/Android) to facilitate these goals.


Houston, TX


Advocating For Another

Angela is an award winning researcher at TN IBC at a major medical institution, however she helps in support groups for patients in the US, UK and even in Australia to help patients understand their treatment and options. She devotes many hours a day to this, outside of her full time position. She is truly advocating for others and saving lives.  — Terry

Angela Alexander 'thecancergeek'

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