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I'm a Physical Activity in Public Health Specialist (PAPHS) and certified fitness instructor with a master’s degree in public health and undergraduate degree in art. I've written over 20 books about health, fitness, nature, and urban design. I also blog about fitness, health, outdoor exercise, and the health benefits and joys of nature. My most recent book is "Nancercize: 101 Things to Do on a Park Bench." (Yes, it's okay to smile--they are 101 exercises designed to make you stronger, stretchier, and more balanced.) In June 2013 I launched the first annual, international Green Gym Day—a day for everyone to get out and play. I combine my formal educational and publishing credentials with years of experience designing and leading outdoor fitness programs. Since 2003, I've worked with community groups and other organizations including the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation, the NYC Department of Health and Human Hygiene, the City Parks Foundation, and the Fort Tryon Park Trust. For nine years I have partnered with Columbia University's CLIMB (City Life Is Moving Bodies) in a community-wide annual hike and conceptual trail connecting northern Manhattan’s parks. A native New Yorker and proud of it, I've also lived in Europe for two years and California for 12 years, and have learned to blend the contrasting styles and energies of both coasts and continents in an approach to health that appeals to people of all ages and abilities, from youth to baby boomers and beyond.


Best in Show: Community or Forum Health Activist Hero

Nancy is not only a breast cancer survivor but helps people turn their lives around every day. She runs tri-weekly walking/fitness classes in Ft. Tyron park (including fitness for the often forgotten senior community) In this petroleum age of energy consuming gyms, she is a living example of a "Green," healthy lifestyle alternative.  — Jennifer

Makes significant contributions to community wide health by leading outdoor fitness classes year round.


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Health Activist Hero Nominee

Best in Show: Community or Forum Nominee


Health Activist Hero Nominee