Silvia (Sly) Wheatley Young

Patient Leader

Silvia is a survivor of stage 4 endometriosis and infertility. Her advocacy within the endometriosis community is focused on the patient's story, and working to collaborate nationally and internationally with one voice. This year her advocacy collaboration projects include 31 Femtruths, a YouTube collection of first-hand patient testimonies, as well as lending her PR expertise to support patient-driven advocacy initiatives 1.) World Congress on Endometriosis, 2.) ACOG petition to update the standards of care for endometriosis, 3.) World Health Organization, NCD Alliance. Outside of the endometriosis community, Silvia is collaborating with Planned Parenthood Northern California, and more.


Danville, CA


Patient Leader Hero
Silvia (Sly) Wheatley Young

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