Silvia (Sly) Wheatley Young

Patient Leader


Danville, CA


Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero Best Kept Secret

I worked with Silvia 3 years ago on one of the EndoMarch's we had in San Francisco. She truly cares about the women who suffer with the same disease as she does. She is always uplifting to others and always looking for ways to get the word out there about this horrible disease called Endometriosis. I admire her and look up to her!  — Dayna

I am nominating Silvia because she is a power house for our cause and I know her works not only an endosister but, a friend. Even when her health is down she's fighting for equality of rights/healthcare.  — Adona

She's a power house for our cause, and I know her not only as an endosister but as a friend. Even when her health is down she's up and running to fight for quality health care and equality. She has made it her goal to spread knowledge everywhere she goes.  — Adona

Silvia (Sly) Wheatley Young

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