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Hi! My name is BAT CAT (aka Christy), and I have been kicking butt with an ileostomy since December 19, 2012. Prior to my surgery and during recovery, I connected with many ostomates on the web who shared their stories and helped me immeasurably. They inspired me to pay it forward and create the Facebook page, Ostomy on the Track, which serves as a platform for other ostomates/would-be ostomates to discuss anything and everything. By showing others that I can play roller derby - a full contact sport on roller skates - EVEN with an ileostomy, I am hopefully encouraging others to pursue their passion and not let anything hold them back. I've adopted the motto: do not be embarrassed about your condition, illness, or disease - rather, embrace it - and do not let it stop you from doing what you love. Ostomy on the Track is a place to talk about internal organs, poop, surgeries, ostomies and ostomy supplies, stomas, hospitals, diseases, therapy, medicines, diet & nutrition, exercise, what worked for you, what didn't work for you, what you're scared of, what you're not scared of, how you're feeling, what you love, and what your goals are in life. The mission of Ostomy on the Track: To serve as a safe forum that allows people (who have ostomies or not) who are experiencing similar symptoms to connect and discuss their medical issues, support one another, discuss ostomy supplies, talk about exercise and sport, exchange information, educate, learn, share, and/or simply just vent. I also hope to help erase the stigma that is attached to people with ostomies. Sure, I have a bag of poop attached to me, but I AM ALSO A BAD ASS ROLLER DERBY PLAYER! Fun stuff: I have a theme each day on Ostomy on the Track: On "Monday Funday," I post a funny picture, anecdote, website, or something to make folks laugh and hopefully get them through their Monday (sometimes ostomy-related, but not always). On "TMI Tuesday," nothing is off-limits for discussion. And I mean nothing! "Wellness Wednesday" is a day to discuss diet & nutrition, fitness & exercise, and how to stay healthy with an ostomy; I might post a recipe, a health article, or begin a dialog with the community. "Thankful Thursday" is a chance to say what we're thankful for -- whether it's friends & family or a new butt cream. On "Follow Me Friday," I might share a new website, blog, or Facebook page that has inspired me; it also gives readers a chance to share what they have been reading/viewing/following. Overall, I like to keep the mood fun and positive. I enjoy discussing my ostomy, and am always happy to answer any health questions I receive through my Facebook page. It's just an ileostomy, no biggie. Get out there and live life!

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Ostomy on the Track

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