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Hey Guys, I'm Jenni and I'm a, soon to be, Drama Graduate, Radio Producer & Voiceover artist and Chronic Illness vlogger from the UK. I set up Chronically Jenni 3 years ago after having to leave university to find answers for my health problems. I was eventually diagnosed with EDS ( Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and a CSF Leak (which was fixed following 4 procedures in 2017). I do weekly vlogs which, so far, have followed university life with chronic illness, and regular awareness videos trying to involve as many people as possible. I also post regular content on my instagram and this year I have started a small but perfectly form facebook support group called Jenni's Dazzle. Thank you so much for taking a look at my profile and I hope to see you on social media soon.


Corringham, ENG


Rookie of The Year Best in Show: Instagram Best Kept Secret Best in Show: Youtube

Jenni shows what life is like with chronic illnesses. She shows us we are not alone.  — Deidre

Chronically Jenni

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