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Stephen Ponder, MD CDE and Kevin McMahon have collaborated since 2002. Dr. Ponder was most recently awarded the 2018 Diabetes Educator of the Year by the American Association of Diabetes Educators for his work in breaking down barriers to patient self-directed dynamic diabetes management. This approach has been pioneered by Kevin and Steve under the name "Sugar Surfing" as workshops, books and social media channels. Our team includes several grass roots local organizers whose volunteerism have made more than a dozen workshops throughout the USA, UK and IRL possible. The team behind Sugar Surfing is deserving of the award and the publicity that goes with it to reach more people with #t1d


Sausalito, CA


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For years, management of the person with diabetes has been dictated by formulas and algorithms. Sugar Surfing was developed by Stephen Ponder MD and Kevin McMahon as a method for individualizing care for each patient. Their work also empowers patients and providers to take charge of their care using a dynamic approach - a clean break from tradition  — Kevin

Sugar Surfing
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