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I am a chronic pain/illness warrior who currently has multiple diagnosis and is also working on trying to live healthier. I recently have had to adjust my life and make changes due to pharmaceutical side effects that make the benefit no longer worth it. I advocate for numerous diagnosis and volunteer with International Support Fibromyalgia Network, US Pain Foundation, MS Society and a few others. I coordinate a local in person and online support group, as well as an international online group and several other social media platforms. I believe we as patients need to be the advocates to make an impact on the world and bring our issues to life.


Mertztown, PA


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Rookie of the Year

Jason deserves to be nominated for all he does on Facebook. He's an amazing advocate and admin's multiple groups & runs the "Aint No Shame in Chronic Pain" page. He is highly active in his groups and makes sure they are a safe place to get answers.. He advocates for multiple illnesses and chronic pain, and even started his own walk this year.

Jason deserves this nomination! Not only is he a great guy, he is an amazing patient advocate. He's highly involved in his groups & makes it known they are for anyone and not a specific condition. He makes sure they are a safe to ask questions and get advice. Jason advocates for chronic pain & others, and even started his own walk this year!  — Randy

Jason created multiple Facebook groups to bring the chronic illness community together. He holds monthly meetings that all are invited to attend and arranged guest speakers. He also organized the ONLY Fibromyalgia awareness walk in Pennsylvania. A huge undertaking for someone who has a chronic illness and in pain. He is a true leader.

I am nominating Jason because I see the passion in his work, it inspires me and he empowers other advocates. I believe he deserves this award for all he has done for many living with chronic illness and pain.  — Eileen

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Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


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