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After years and years of searching for answers as to why I was in constant pain and my health was declining I finally decided to take charge my own health. In doing so I have gained a knowledge of all the different diagnosis and things I was being tested for. I found there were many similarities in symptoms and treatments with all of these diagnosis. I also found some symptoms actually are not symptoms but a separate diagnosis. Having been a part of support groups that only dealt with one diagnosis I decided to start a group that was for all people who suffer chronic illness/ pain and the people who are a part of someone life who suffers. I feel this opens more doors to those who suffer


Macungie, PA


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After years of living with chronic pain/ illness and unanswered questions I have finally started to get somewhere thanks to my own research, advocacy, and a good team of docs. I have started a local support group that meets once a month and has an online presence. I believe in the power of community awareness and support.  — Jason

Jason is an amazing person with a huge heart. He not only shows compassion, but truly cares for the people both in his online community as well as the people who are active in his local support group. He has a great amount of knowledge and is always there to assist with questions, lending an ear, or a joke or hug to brighten your day.  — Vanessa

Jason is very knowledgeable with autoimmune diseases and chronic pain. I have MS and I rely on Jason to help me sort out all of my symptoms. I know he is always in my corner and will help find the answers I need. I could not get through my illness without his group or his help. He is fighting a battle with MS but always checks on the rest of us.  — Heather


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