Colleen Kavanaugh

Patient Leader

Becoming a family caregiver is rarely anyone’s dream job. For a decade I cared for my parents, a role I was not prepared for and denied having because I was also a mother, daughter, sister, partner, employee and active daydreamer. The physical and emotional demands of caring can seem endless and finding sympathetic support is often a challenge. I now work alongside caregivers across the country to empower them to love, prepare, and thrive. I am certified as a Caregiving Consultant, Dementia Practitioner, and Dementia Communications Specialist. I work with clients so they feel supported and capable in their role by offering a unique blend of straight-shooting practicality and spirituality.


Long Valley, NJ


Hilarious Patient Leader

Colleen inspires the world with her brilliance and exceptional humor. This quality is uniquely valuable because of the work she does helping caregivers deal with life and death...and all the challenges that fall in between. Her gifts help others grin and bare just about everything, and feel better about themselves in the process.  — Deb

Colleen Kavanaugh

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