Elizabeth Miller - Happy Healthy Caregiver

Patient Leader

I help family caregivers integrate caregiving with their busy lives. I provide practical resources & support for family caregivers to enable them to prioritize their own health & happiness. My desire to advocate for family caregivers developed when I discovered I was in the 'sandwich generation' - I was caring for my own children while caring for aging parents with chronic illnesses. My husband was also caregiving for his mom with lung cancer. We both were juggling life & caregiving while working full time. I believe that in order to be our best selves and have the stamina to help others, we must find creative ways to integrate self-care and caregiving.


Marietta, GA


Best in Show: Blog

Elizabeth's Blog, at Happy Health Caregiver, is uniquely filled with facts and tips, and best of all is written in her friendly style. I love to read her blogs, and as a result, I learn a lot too. Having a presence on Facebook, Twitter and more, Elizabeth truly uses her voice and her blog, to advocate for caregivers...and she succeeds!  — Deb

Elizabeth Miller - Happy Healthy Caregiver

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