Erin M. Akers

Patient Leader

I struggled for nearly a decade with type 1 diabetes & an eating disorder with no name, After being diagnosed with diabulimia I created Diabulimia Awareness, the 1st online support group for those with T1D & any eating disorder. Since its inception in 2008, we've had almost 2,000 members from 5 different continents join. In 2009 I founded Diabulimia Helpline, the worlds 1st national non-profit org devoted to helping people w/ diabetes & an eating disorder; so no one has to be lost & alone like I was. We run a 24 hour crisis help line, among the many services we offer. We're hosting the 1st International conference on Diabetes & Eating Disorders with the experts from all over the world.


Mill Creek, WA


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Facebook

After years of struggling alone and finding no resources for people with Diabulimia, Erin started a support group on Facebook, the perfect place to create community. Since then she has helped thousands by growing that support and relationships with two more Facebook groups, a page for the organization she founded and of course, her own Facebook.  — Dawn

10 yrs ago there was little help for people with diabulimia so Erin, a patient herself, founded Diabulimia Helpline, the 1st non-profit for diabetes and eating disorders. Because of her work and advocacy, resources have been created, conferences now have sessions devoted to it, and she inspired others to step up as bloggers, advocates and leaders.  — Dawn

Erin changed my life. When I joined the Diabulimia Family & Friends Facebook group, it was a refuge where I could ask dumb questions and vent my frustration. Then I was moved to go on to serve as a group administrator for a while, joined The Dad Initiative for eating disorders and even went to our state capitol to advocate for diabetes healthcare.  — Scott

Past Awards Participation

Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


Best in Show: Community Healthcare Collaborator: Patient
Erin M. Akers

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