Erin M. Akers

Patient Leader

In 2008 I created the Diabulimia Awareness facebook group, the world's first online community for diabetics suffering from eating disorders. Since it's inception we have had almost 2,000 members from 5 different continents join. In 2009 I became the founder && Executive Director of Diabulimia Helpline, the world's first non-profit organization dedicated to supporting diabetics with eating disorders, through education, advocacy and awareness. I speak at diabetes && eating disorder conferences educating healthcare professionals about diabetics 2.5 times higher risk of ending up with an eating disorder && run a 24 hour hotline for those that suffer. I also write for many diabetes publications.


Mill Creek, WA


Best in Show: Community Healthcare Collaborator: Patient

Erin knows change requires both patient and provider advocacy. After struggling for years with diabetes and eating disorder, she founded Diabulimia Helpline. She speaks at eating disorder and diabetes conferences, works with eating disorder centers to create programs for people with diabetes and conducts trainings for diabetes professionals.  — Dawn

Erin created and moderates support groups for diabulimia (diabetes+eating disorder) – 1 for T1D, 1 for family & friends. They are safe, nurturing places where people can talk honestly about what they are going through and people in recovery can offer hope and suggestions. Erin is key to the environment by being very open and honest in all venues.  — Fiona

Erin M. Akers

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