Erin M. Akers

Patient Leader

In 2008 I created the Diabulimia Awareness facebook group, the world's first online community for diabetics suffering from eating disorders. Since it's inception we have had almost 2,000 members from 5 different continents join. In 2009 I became the founder && Executive Director of Diabulimia Helpline, the world's first non-profit organization dedicated to supporting diabetics with eating disorders, through education, advocacy and awareness. I speak at diabetes && eating disorder conferences educating healthcare professionals about diabetics 2.5 times higher risk of ending up with an eating disorder && run a 24 hour hotline for those that suffer. I also write for many diabetes publications.


Mill Creek, WA

Past Awards Participation

Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


Best in Show: Community Healthcare Collaborator: Patient
Erin M. Akers

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