Sophie Hamilton

Patient Leader

Hi I’m Sophie ! I’m 17 years old . I have a passion for performing and also advocating for others who can’t . When I was 14 I fell ill with an unknown illness , it took over my life and I was really unwell . By the age of 16 I almost lost my life from malnutrition. When I got a diagnosis of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome I was so relieved that my family and I had an answer. The toughest part about everything is it’s not only me affected it’s my family but we get by :) .Since then I had a feeding tube placed and a picc line for TPN . Life is tough but darling so are you . I am back to normal life , taking a college course in September, My illness is horrendous but the friendships I have made have shaped me as a person , each friend online that I meet fill me with hope and joy , it’s so special and if I had to be sick but could keep me friends I would . EDS can make me bend but it will never break me ! My instagram is my safe place , I post in the hope that someone in my situation will find it , that it will inspire that 14 year old stuck in bed , that maybe for someone getting answers will be easy . I can only hope but honestly the Instagram community help me through :)


Newtownabbey, NIR


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So strong & inspires me to keep fighting everyday even when I feel like giving up 💞

Her instagram account is so helpful and raises awareness of hidden illnesses really well! She’s really strong and has not let her illness stop her from enjoying life ❤️  — Caitlin

Sophie Hamilton

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