Chronic Eileen

Patient Leader

Invisible Illness Advocate and Ambassador for the Arthritis Society. I blog about what life is like with arthritis and mental illness while taking care of a toddler. My image has made me a face of Arthritis, the tattooed girl with Arthritis. I am new, only started in 2017, so watch me grow!


Burnaby BC, 02


Rookie of The Year

I am nominating myself because of the lemons that 2017 has given me. Single motherhood, disease, theft, depression. I decided to become an advocate for The Arthritis Society and a blogger this year. I want to get my story out to help others suffering and add a fresh new twist. I want to know that I am working towards a cure for Arthritis.  — Eileen

It's a new blog that I follow. It echoes my own Mother's struggle with the disease throughout her life. So far I am lucky and have had no symptoms. I find this blog to be very informative, and is a worthy nominee.  — David

This website is most informative. It helps me come to terms with my Mother's battle with the disease - of which I am currently clear of - and helps propagate knowledge to those needing to know in a clear manner. Support for this site would be most welcome.  — David

Chronic Eileen

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