CPatrick McIlvain

Patient Leader

A professional writer I'm NOT. A trained advocate 4 my fellow brothers & sisters who are also living w/the daily struggles of mental illness I'm not - unless I can use my life/street experiences as my education. I do believe that I inherited part of my mental illness diagnoses from both of my parents. At the age of 60 I rediscovered the birthright that we all R given - the right 2 speak & be heard so I created The Walk Houston. So now I speak up 4 those who've forgotten their birthright. Social & self stigma of mental illness loves 2 keep its' captives "brainwashed" into accepting its' false, negative truth as "gospel". #PositivePublicDialog #NoStigmaHere


Houston, TX

Past Awards Participation

Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


Advocating For Another
CPatrick McIlvain

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