Fresh Hope for Mental Health Podcast with Host Brad Hoefs

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I'm a pastor who has bipolar disorder. I am the host of the Fresh Hope for Mental Health podcast. Due to my own experience in trying to find an encouraging support group, I founded Fresh Hope for Mental Health, an international network of faith based peer to peer mental health support groups. I've been leading a Fresh Hope course on mental health principles in the Douglas Country Jail in Omaha; developing materials for others to use. Fresh Hope offers a support group at a local homeless shelter. Other initiatives that are be developed by Fresh Hope are faith based mental health support groups for teens and groups for those with co-occurring diagnoses. I also blog for


Elkhorn, NE


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When I read his blog, I receive such encouragement and often the 'nudge' I need to get me through the day, or a particularly rough patch. They're concise, pertinent, and cause me to reflect on my life in regards to the topic -- sometimes convicting! But I always feel less-alone, knowing I'm not the only one dealing with these challenges in my life.  — Julie

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Best in Show: Podcast
Fresh Hope for Mental Health Podcast with Host Brad Hoefs

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