Paige Rawl

Patient Leader

Growing up born HIV positive, I never thought anything of taking the medicines or going to the doctor. When I told my best friend my status, I saw the stigma towards those living with HIV. There was a nickname PAIDS I was referred as, I was told to deny my HIV status, and my soccer coach told my mom we could use my status and players would be afraid, so I could score goals. I left my middle school and didn't want to see another person go through what I did. I began sharing my story and telling others that HIV does not define me as a person. Eventually, I wrote my memoir "POSITIVE" to share my story further and now travel the world educating others on HIV and advocating against bullying.


Indianapolis, IN


Patient Leader Hero


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As someone who has been bullied before, I understand that it's a lot to go through for many individuals. Having read Paige's memoir and meeting her at my high school, I can tell she is genuine in helping others and has inspired me to put more effort into helping others as well, she is very kind and a strong person overall, she has my support!  — Angel

Paige Rawl

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