Daniel G Garza

Patient Leader

HIV/AIDS Advocate, with a focus on education in prevention, since 2001, after being diagnosed in September 2000. First by educating his family and the Latino community, most recently high schools, colleges and universities in Orange County California. With his podcast "Put It Together", launched in 2012, now with over 200 episodes, where he talks to people from different backgrounds on their journeys through health, recovery and life. Daniel has been a member of several committees; Ryan White Planning Council, Laguna Beach HIV Advisory Committee and Advisory Committee to HealtheVoices 2018. Where he was able to present a workshop on podcasting as well as host a Latino breakout session.


Laguna Beach, CA


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Podcast Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Hilarious Patient Leader

Daniel's Put it Together Podcast is a shinning example of his amazing podcast work and advocacy. He should be celebrated with great recognition!  — Barby

I got to interact w/ Daniel- or as Molly Schreiber & I like to shout, "GARZA!" for the 1st time this year at HealtheVoices. Every interaction w/ Daniel was light hearted, good humored & left me flying home thinking about how grateful I am to know someone so joyous despite his pain & many struggles. He deserves a standing ovation just for LIVING!  — Kenzie

Past Awards Participation

Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Podcast
Daniel G Garza

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