Daniel Garza

Patient Leader

Diagnosed in 2000 with AIDS, starting to advocate for quality treatment for the HIV/AIDS community. Active in the community through committees, public speaking and social media; blogging, vlogging and podcasting. With 3 podcast on my resume. Starting with "Put It Together" in 2012, still on the air with over 150 episodes.. "Corazón en la Mano" 2012 and "Vita Positvum" 2012, an HIV/AIDS informational slow. Both now in archives. My goal is to continue to educate the community, fight stigma, give a voice to those that need it. Thank you.


Laguna Beach, CA


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Podcast

Daniel has been sharing his story and the stories of others on his podcasts since 2012. I have watched him handle addiction, HIV/AIDS, and most recently cancer with grace while helping others in any way he can. He has taken his public speaking abilities to the world stage, and I'm thankful that he has. The stories he shares are beneficial for many.  — Kevin

Daniel Garza is inspirational. He has gone through vast life challenges, some good and some bad, and has shared his story to thousands of people. He helps people understand, cope and know they aren't alone in whatever challenge life throws at them. He has a remarkable ability to help people face and come through challenges. He is truly motivational  — Martha

Daniel Garza

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