Randy Patrick (Must Stop MS!)

Patient Leader

After being dx'd with MS in November 2012, I wanted to do my part in helping others who are diagnosed. Talking with others via social media helped me the most & helped me realize this disease was manageable. I created Must Stop MS! on Facebook as a place to provide support, raise awareness & provide news & information about Multiple Sclerosis. I ventured into the Twitter and Instagram shortly after. The MS Community is filled with amazing & supportive people & are the strongest people I know. I host #ChatMS every Monday at 7pm EST, which is a weekly chat dedicated to MS. #ChatMS is on Twitter, via a Facebook closed group, and now Instagram. It's a great place to get support, learn, & share!


Elkton, MD


Best in Show: Twitter Best in Show: Facebook Advocating for Another

Randy hosts an amazing facebook.page for people who suffer from multiple sclerosis called #chatms. He hosts weekly discussions where he evolves the members of the group. Randy also is an amazing volunteer and fundraiser for the National MS Society. He truly is a patient advocate that sets the bar when it comes to awareness.  — Jason

I was thrilled to nominate Randy last year & he won! He is highly deserving of another nomination this year as well. Randy continues to stand out as lead host for #ChatMS every Monday evening, 7-8pm EST. He is supportive, respectful, funny & maintains a loyal following. Also, he stays on trend with rotating topics of interest & importance.  — Mary

Past Awards Participation

Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


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Randy Patrick (Must Stop MS!)

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