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Sarah is a patient with hypopituitarism resulting in adrenal insufficiency and growth hormone deficiency. She is an administrator for Adrenal Diseases Support Group, as well as a blogger for AI awareness. She is also the director of her regional NADF (National Adrenal Disease Foundation) branch support group, and has connected many patients to resources and research which have helped them to obtain a diagnosis. Through her advocacy, she has impacted thousands of lives, including those of her husband and daughter who both have adrenal insufficiency as well. She has worked with her local state representative and the Wyoming Department of Health to create a policy which will allow EMS to administer patient provided medicine in the event of an adrenal crisis. This wording is being drafted now, and should be live within the next year! The next step is getting every ambulance to carry solucortef or solumedrol for those patients who don't have an emergency injection. Having been published on The Mighty and their affiliates Yahoo! and MSN, her reach has grown and will continue to do so. She's also a featured podcast guest on PodcastDX, a fellow WEGO nominee!


Lander, WY


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For her continued support to me and other within the Adrenal diseases support group  — Kerry


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