Nichole Klute Rushton

Patient Leader


High Wycombe, ENG


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Hilarious Patient Leader

Nichole has gone above and beyond not just to educate sufferers about this terrible and life threatening condition but also none sufferers such as myself. Before I spoke to Nichole I had never even heard of Addison's disease, but because of her and her work on Facebook I find myself now educating other's about this still very unknown awful illness.  — Gregg

Nichole works tirelessly within the Addison's Disease Support Group, and the project Action for Adrenal Awareness. Through these venues, she encourages patient education, advocacy, and leads by example. She is available for group members worldwide, and provides excellent medically based advice, contacts members directly, and ensures their health.  — Sarah

Nichole has the best attitude about her multitude of illnesses, and even makes jokes about the situation, at times. She has a way of bringing a smile out of others who fight similar battles, and she ensures that her suffering behind the scenes doesn't put a damper on her spirits to those who count on her for support. She's a truly great leader!  — Sarah

Nichole is amazing at advocating for so many in the Addison's community. She does it through many Avenues on social media. Her videos through AFAA are the best! Another HUGE example is advocating for others to get the cortisol pump so they have a better quality of life even though she herself does not need one.  — Debbie

Nichole is an excellent writer and speaker. She draws you in immediately with her writing style. And I have seen her take difficult subjects and address them with grace and humor. Her videos often tell of her sometimes funny and serious moments with Addison's. I share her videos all the time. I am so grateful she creates them.  — Debbie

Nichole is an amazing senior admin for our group ADSG. I am often blown away by her organization, innovative ideas, and great way she leads us all. Our group is huge. The largest group on social media for Addison's/Adrenal insufficiency and she runs it like a very effective CEO. aDSG continues to evolve and get better through her leadership  — Debbie

Nichole Klute Rushton

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