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I am committed to getting you healthy, wealth, fit & happy - now that may sound like a big mission, but I have always believed in people as a whole (mind, body & spirit) so fitness (while an vital part) is just part of the overall plan. I call it "Fit with Forbes: emotionally FIT, spiritually FIT, financially FIT, facially FIT and physically FIT. As someone who always has excuses why NOT to go the gym - I have been an advocate of affordable home fitness products for 25 years; promoting them on TV through home shopping and commercials. I am very proud to have been at the front of the "juicing" movement alongside my personal mentor, fitness legend Jack Lalanne - we introduced juicers and the health benefits into 80 different countries for the last 8 years of his life. In 2010 I was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame for my devotion to the education and awareness of health & fitness worldwide, primarily through innovative products. In 2010, I created and launched the revolutionary SpinGym - an upper body/ core portable toning device. This product has been instrumental in getting effective cardio and toning workouts to not only stay at home moms, fitness champions, professional athletes but wheelchair bound people, those stuck in hospital beds and rehab centers worldwide. The best part of this journey is that after personally struggled with my weight for the first 35 years of my life I've finally not only figured out how to live a life that is free of depression and oppression (as a professional actress/dancer for more than 2 decades dealt daily with the humiliation that came with being called "zaftig", "chunky" and "thunder thighs") but I can help other people achieve their personal happiness. Today through SpinGym and my "non-diet" philosophy that I teach and coach, I am living in a size 2-4 body and I've gotten friends, clients and loved ones to lose more than 7,500 pounds in total -- I'd love to be responsible for a 1 million pounds lost - (or as I teach, "released" because if you lose something you have to go an find it again - as a yo-yo dieter myself for years, I know that just doesn't work!) My goal is to continue to inspire, motivate, educate and illuminate how joyous it can be to live in a fit, healthy body. Daily through my work on tv, live seminars, my web community, books and more, I get to reach so many and change so much. Up next, my "e.a.t. journal" hits the market with an exciting 6 week program helping not only what you eat, but expand to WHY, HOW and WHEN - the true culprits to holding so many back. My goal with WEGO Health Activists as the "Best Kept Secret" is to be heard so I can help those in pain, like I was, create a healthy fulfilling lifestyle - inside & out! Life is too short to not be enjoyed and played out to its fullest.

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Third Annual Health Activist Awards


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Sixth Annual WEGO Health Awards


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