Lynda Cheldelin Fell

Patient Leader

Lynda Cheldelin Fell founded the award-winning Grief Diaries and Real Life Diaries book series to help people from all walks of life share their journeys through loss, diseases, and other life challenges. She is a passionate advocate of using storytelling as a healing modality, and to inspire comfort, understanding and hope for both readers and writers. In less than 18 months, the series have grown to over 25 books featuring stories by people around the world, and won 4 national literary awards. A pioneering visionary dedicated to creating groundbreaking projects, Lynda's mission is to be a giver of kindness and messenger of hope in everything she does.


Ferndale, WA


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She is an angel supporting the Grief Diaries community through her support, love and outstanding leadership. Grief is such a complex issue but Lynda gets it through her own experiences and with compassion and love. She is simply an outstanding individual and l am so blessed to be part of Grief Diaries.  — Carmela

I admire and respect Lynda and the work she does. Many of her hours are spent giving back to the people not just with the United States but across the world. I live in Australia and the work she does has transformed the way l look at grief and how l carry myself through difficult periods in my life. She is a statesman, a leader, to be admired.  — Carmela

Linda has been creating blogs to help people deal with grief and loss since she experienced it herself. She has taken the topic of talking about grief and loss, which many suffer silently and alone, and gave us all a way to handle being either one who is suffering loss or one who is helping someone who is dealing with a loss. It's unprecedented.  — Ann

Lynda Cheldelin Fell

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