Robin Markowitz

Patient Leader

Lymphoma Canada is earnest about our role as "The Patient Voice". We strive to ensure that decision-makers understand the needs of the lymphoma community and how their decisions impact those affected by lymphoma. Through our work on health technology assessment, private payer reimbursement, biosimilar therapies and other topics that have immediate and long-term consequences for patients and their families, we question the status quo, offer new resolutions to current challenges and provide the patient perspective. Our belief that the best therapy is one that is determined by the patient and his/her doctor, inspires us to advocate for equitable and timely drug access.


Mississauga, 08


Healthcare Collaborator: Company

Lymphoma Canada cares about patients. They work with patient leaders to make sure that patients' needs are heard and represented as part of a team that also includes medical professionals and researchers. Their tag line really says it all: "Information. Help. Hope."  — Robert

Robin Markowitz

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