Rob Craven - Executive VP of Operations - The Graffiti of War Project

Patient Leader

Offering a unique, individual perspective, through their eyes and their emotions. Each image represents a moment in time, when an emotion was captured in ink, paint, or pencil, an unconventional historical record of this generation's war. Our Mission is that through sharing these images, we will begin a dialog between soldier and civilian, to bridge this ever-widening divide between those who have endured these wars and the rest of the world that can only imagine the horrors. To bring understanding and true empathy of what these men and women experience during modern conflicts.


Best in Show: Facebook Health Activist Hero Advocating for Another

They do wonderful and lasting work with our military community that struggle with PTSD by raising awareness among many communities and on Facebook. This project gives military members and veterans a place to showcase their work while healing or dealing with PTSD.  — Gigi

They do an awesome job of making people aware of PTSD each day, great group and a great cause.

With our foreign wars drawing to a close, it becomes ever more important to raise awareness in this country about P.T.S.D. The Graffti of War Project is helping to do that.

PTSD awareness is main concern and they do a hell of a job doing it. If they win the exposure would mean a much greater awareness among those that don't know about it or that have misconceptions about those with PTSD.  — Tyler

Rob Craven - Executive VP of Operations - The Graffiti of War Project

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